12-13 Dec 2019 PALAISEAU (France)

EuroNanoLab Dry Etching Roadmap meeting

From December 12th

to December 13th 2019

C2N, Palaiseau, FRANCE


Roadmap definition meeting about dry etching for EuroNanoLab, the aim is to present the machines you have in your cleanroom and the different devices you are building with them.

During this meeting you have the oportunity to present in details some process highlights. The comitee invite you to present on poster(s) in details the different machines you have.



You must register to attend the workshop.


DEADLINE : 30/11/2019


You will need to give personal informations and the details about your journey

Especially if you are attending the lunches and dinner.

(All the meals are free)

The informations are needed to welcome you.

Thank you for your help about organizing the meeting.


Posters and Orals Submission

During the meeting you will have the opportunity to give a speech to present your lab, your dry etching machines and some highlights on dry etching.

  • For newcomers to Euronanolab you have ten minutes to present your lab and your dry etching equipments.
  • For the others you will have all the details on posters like everyone and only two slides to give useful informations (name, lab, geography, main activities, etc).
  • Upload in PDF format


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